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PracticeStudio Cardiology Overview

Cardiology EHR Overview

PracticeStudio is a certified EHR solution that delivers an all-in-one software for Cardiologists surpassing all other practice management and electronic medical records systems on the market!

PracticeStudio’s Cardiology Electronic Health Records software is the ideal solution for cardiologists complete with touch-screen technology, integrated practice management, patient portal, mobile device options, laboratory interfaces, personalized data backup, and highly custom reporting capabilities which maximize clinic efficiency and fulfill regulatory compliance needs. Our fully integrated EHR system, ease of use, replete library of Cardiology specific content and top-rated support, earns PracticeStudio the trust of Cardiology practices - simplifying workflows and maximizing revenue.

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PracticeStudio’s Cardiology Electronic Medical Records software comes ready-to-use with a cardiology-specific data set, which speeds up documentation through an intuitive touch-screen interface. Physicians may utilize all possible technologies from simple keyboard and mouse entry to various touch-screen devices. Our unique design already encompasses many specialized workflows and templates to increase productivity such as: new patient visit, echocardiogram charts, abnormal ECG, abnormal stress tests, carotid ultrasound, chest discomfort, hypertension, congestive heart failure, pacemaker procedure, dual isotope stress tests, aortic valve disease, AMI, cardiac catheters, CABG and many more. PracticeStudio’s EMR system is extremely replete in the Cardiology specialty but still affords all physicians with the ability to make customized changes to any template to ensure the highest level of productivity and efficiency.

PracticeStudio’s Cardiology Electronic Health Record System is one of the most advanced medical records software packages on the market. Why manually transcribe patient health record when you can intuitively and quickly document the encounter real-time? PracticeStudio can import data directly from labs and other EDI formats and supports entry for ECG, stress, Holter, spirometer, vitals, coronary catheters, ECHO equipment and other diagnostic and monitoring devices, automatically generating results and critical alerts and allowing you to mine the data for important information. Additionally, cardiologists can utilize PracticeStudio’s advanced chronograph tool to completely manage your patient’s results from a complete overview perspective.

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PracticeStudio’s completely integrated medical practice management software solution allows Cardiologists to efficiently run their operation with interconnected appointment scheduling, messaging, billing, reporting, practice statistics, patient tracking and more. Furthermore, PracticeStudio’s real-time Cardiology E/M coder provides ensures that you never under bill for your services. Also, the ICD-9/ICD-10 codes can be automatically entered through the encounter entry. By connecting directly to the medical billing software, Cardiologists can completely expedite coding and billing, ensuring faster and more accurate payments.

Additionally, Cardiac procedures comprise a significant percentage of PQRS outcome measures. PracticeStudio incorporates PQRS compliance to highest level and provides Cardiologists with further support. PracticeStudio’s EHR system can accommodate any size practice and help every Cardiologist increase clinic efficiency and revenue.