Online EHR Patient Portal

The PracticeStudio Patient Portal provides patients and providers with a secure online gateway to access, send, and review medical records compliant with Stage 2 regulations.

PracticeStudio Patient Portal

The online PracticeStudio Patient Portal is an amazing tool that allows the patient and clinic staff to interact while saving bandwidth, time, and energy. In today’s connected world, it is important to be able to efficiently provide your patients with the medical records, lab results, and more.

Provider and Staff Interaction

Anytime that any type of media is uploaded to the portal, it is associated with a message, similar to email, that is sent only through the online portal. This allows a secure transmission of the information and maintains HIPAA compliance. Providers and staff can upload virtually any portion of the patient’s record including the ability to upload a CCD (Care Document) that can be viewed and/or downloaded by the patient.

Email Notifications

When any form of communication is sent to a patient through the portal or vice versa, an email will be sent notifying the recipient that there is something new in their portal. This maintains HIPAA compliance while letting the recipient know that there is a new message awaiting them in their portal.

Secure Two Way Communication

There are times when a message may need to be sent to a patient or a patient wants to send one to a staff member or provider. The PracticeStudio Patient Portal allows secure two way communication acting much like online email, but secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant. This process can be initiated by the patient as well.

Stage 2 DIRECT Communication Supported

As part of the Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements a new regulation was put in place that allows a SMIME email to be sent to an outside party. This was intended to allow for easier long-term transfers of care or outside referrals to be sent a CCD. This process, however, can be cumbersome to employ as it requires that certificates are setup and traded between the two vendors (i.e. PracticeStudio and any other 3rd party). This is a process that only has to be done once per 3rd party vendor.

This is why we also allow a 3rd party to be sent the CCD through the online portal as long as they have an email address. The PracticeStudio Portal method requires no additional 3rd party interaction and is ready out-of-the-box.