In-Clinic Patient Tracking Practice Management

Know a patient's location in the clinic at all times, from check-in to check-out.


Check-In Integration

PracticeStudio's Patient Tracking function integrates with the Check-In/Check-Out process and the Provider Dashboard, as well as allowing you to monitor patients' locations within your facility in real-time and to see how long they were in each location:

  • During the check-in process, view details pertaining to the patient's visit agenda, provider, financial class, balance, existing appointments, and insurance plans,
  • Print a routing slip upon check-in, and
  • Immediately begin tracking the patient's location after check-in—as well as how long he/she has been in your clinic, down to the second.

Tracking Patient Movement

  • Move the patient from the waiting room to a different room within your facility; room names are user-defined, and there's no limit to the number of rooms you can add.
  • If there's a PracticeStudio workstation in the room with the patient, view the name of the clinic staff member in the room with him/her (i.e. the security user currently logged in to the workstation).
  • At any point during or after the patient's visit, view details that include
    • Each room the patient was moved to,
    • Which security user logged the move,
    • What time the move occurred, and
    • How long the patient was in each location.

Check-Out Integration

Check the patient out directly from the Patient Tracking screen:

  • Review details pertaining to the patient's balance, insurance plans, current transactions, and the minimum amount to collect.
  • Capture a photo of the patient using a digital camera and/or the patient's digital signature using a signature pad.
  • Open the PracticeStudio Appointment Scheduler to set up future appointments.
  • View information about existing future appointments.
  • Print an appointment card and/or a visit receipt.
  • View notifications and warnings on the patient's file (e.g. that the patient has not yet been notified of HIPAA regulations).

Provider Dashboard Summary

From the Provider Dashboard, monitor the number of patients who have checked in today, the number of patients currently onsite, and the number of patients currently in the waiting room.