Patient Ledger Practice Management

Quickly see an overview of a patient's account or access detailed information about individual transactions, pending, and account history in the PracticeStudio Patient Ledger.


Customize Ledger Display

Specify how you want the ledger to display transactions:

  • Filter transactions by date range and/or transaction type.
  • List transactions chronologically or group by claim, visit, or statement.
  • View aged balance for insurance and patient portions for each incident and for all incidents combined.
  • View balance information for other members in the patient's household, as well as a total balance for the entire family.

View Account Information

View information pertaining to a patient's account:

  • See at a glance what type of transaction each row represents:
    • Transaction types are color-coded (e.g. Charges are pink, Patient Payments are green, Debit adjustments are yellow, etc.).
    • Each transaction type has its own abbreviation (e.g. Charge=C, Insurance Write-Off=IWO, etc.).
    • See precisely which portions of a patient or insurance payment were applied to which charges and which portions of the payment are still unapplied.
    • Access a legend for deciphering colors and abbreviations that appear in the Patient Ledger Transaction Type cell.
  • View details about debits: Posting date, Treating provider, Charge code, CPT modifiers, CPT translations, Billing status, Amount charged, Total insurance pending amount, and Amount still to pay
  • View details about credits: Posting date, Payment, Write-off, credit adjustment type, and credit adjustment amount
  • See a patient's running balance and how each debit or credit affects the balance.

Pending Insurance Analysis

View pending information for individual charges, for the incident as a whole, and for the patient as a whole (across incidents):

  • Pending amounts by transaction and by insurance plan, as well as deductible information for each plan current to the incident.
  • Details as to how PracticeStudio calculated the current pending amount for each charge, including mathematical calculations based on the patient's coverage type.
  • Pending eligibility for each transaction, including reason(s) for ineligibility (e.g. the carrier has already paid, the provider or carrier does not accept assignments, the incident does not allow claim processing, etc.).

Manage Transactions

  • Edit transactions that have already been posted.
  • Move a transaction to a different patient's record or to a different incident within the same patient's record.
  • Void or delete transactions, as well as child transactions attached to them (if you void a payment, for example, all applied credits from that payment will be voided as well).
  • View a list of all Dx codes that have ever been posted to a patient's file.
  • View a patient's audit history, which displays every transaction in the patient's record that has ever been deleted or modified.