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How Installation Works

All new instances of PracticeStudio are installed remotely by a member of MicroFour's technical support staff. We do this for several reasons:

  • It's easier on you, the customer: you don't have to have in-depth technical knowledge (or hire someone who does) to get PracticeStudio properly installed and operational.
  • It saves you time and effort: our technicians are experts at the installation process and can thus complete the process faster than most people who are unfamiliar with the specifics of our software.
  • It circumvents any problems that might arise during installation: we can address issues as they come up, rather than forcing you to stop in the middle of an installation and troubleshoot and/or call for help.
  • It allows for optimal configuration depending upon the size of your institution and the amount of traffic on your network: we can set the system up to allow for the best functionality possible given the hardware you have.

For guidance pertaining to what kind of hardware your facility needs, see the System Requirements.

Note: MicroFour does not develop or distribute software that detects and/or eradicates viruses, malware, intrusions, etc. However, you can be confident that your machines will be safe from malicious software during the installation process, whether we are installing PracticeStudio for the first time or upgrading your facility from an earlier version of PracticeStudio.

We run a McAfee virus and malware scan at our development facility that is updated daily, and a scan is invoked as part of the build process anytime we build the media for distribution.